Active security & defence for your cloud data

Ionburst is the World’s first Quantum Fragmentation Data Protection Platform
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We handle the Privacy

Data secured by Ionburst is completely anonymous & contextless to us & all third-party providers.

We handle the Security

Ionburst is a secure object store that protects any sensitive and business critical data with quantum fragmentation.

We handle the Resilience

Ionburst data is redundant on an object-by-object basis without duplication; resistant to data loss & Cloud failures.

You control your data

Data secured by dynamic policies that you choose; data cannot be analysed, mined or sold to third parties.

The most secure way to store your data online

Ionburst is powered by its moving defence distribution and quantum fragmentation, dissolving the data it protects. It does this through a number of proprietary steps, that at their core combine to; anonymise, pseudonymise, fragment and obfuscate. Any data that is protected by Ionburst is made utterly useless to hackers or third parties attempting to compromise it, in transit and at rest.

Developer first

We believe that data privacy and security should be underpinned by a flexible codebase. Our approach aims to empower developers to store data securely and privately on the Cloud, using an intuitive API and set of SDKs.

Improve Process

Gone are the days of managing cloud store policies, roles and risking misconfiguration.

Quick Adoption

Save time by removing needless complexity, and start securing your data in a matter of minutes.

Protect the Security of your Data on AWS

Choose Data security that works for you

Ionburst changes the game

Ionburst’s Security and Defence is a paradigm shift. Today’s Cloud data defence and security is stationary and easy to target. Attackers have the asymmetric advantage of time as they hide in systems and study defensive infrastructure and intricately plan their attacks. Ionburst flips this asymmetric advantage by making the attack surface dynamic at each stage and imposing costs on attackers. All without the need for resource-intensive threat detection or expensive protection approaches.

Ease of use

Simple to integrate with existing applications, architectures & processes through the Ionburst SDKs.

Peace of mind

On the security and privacy of your business-critical information or customer data whilst complying with data security regulations.


Simplify and streamline with a single service that combines data protection, resilience, portability & recoverability.

Save time

Dedicated instances can be deployed in under 30 minutes, globally.

Advance your security

Next-generation data security that overcomes the limitations of encryption-based protection.


Granular control of dynamic security & privacy policy selection on an object-by-object basis.

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