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Ionburst is the world’s first active security & defence Cloud storage platform

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AWS Ultra-Secure Object Storage; only pay for what you use, scalable, fast and resilient. Try free today.

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AWS Ultra-Secure Object Storage; data-centric security, pay-monthly, future-proof & resilient.

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Customisable active data-centric security and storage. Fully agnostic. Keep a finger on the Pulse.

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The new standard for

Securing data in the Cloud

We provide an active, novel platform to simplify data-centric privacy, protection and recovery for data residing in the Cloud. In a single software solution.

Ultra-Secure storage

The missing active security layer for protecting Cloud data in-transit & at rest.

Active backup & recovery

On-demand data-centric object recoverability. Fast, reliable, without duplication.

Ultra-Secure Cloud migration

Secure, simple, cost-effective migration for existing on-premise and Cloud data.

Data breach & leak prevention

Beat the toughest data regulation challenges while keeping hackers guessing.

Ransomware recovery

Recover data instantly, simply and securely, when you need it.

Misconfiguration prevention

No more leaky stores or buckets, access policy errors or public data exposure.

Secure, fast & flexible Cloud storage

Who is Ionburst for?

We make the Cloud, how it should be: private by default, green, with the highest level of data-centric security and assurance of never losing data again.

Ionburst for Developers

Ionburst has been built by developers for developers.

Integration is quick and seamless. Ultra-Secure and private cloud storage is now, just an API call away.

Developers can now focus on building, safe in the knowledge that the data of their customers and users is protected.

Developer Benefits
  • Novel active data-centric security SaaS.
  • Easy to adopt via SDK.
  • Secure sensitive data for new & existing apps.
  • Resistant to storage & service outages.
  • Cost-effective & affordable.
  • Built to scale and modernise your apps.
Available SDKs
  • .NET
  • Go
  • Python
  • Node.js

Ionburst for StartUps and SMEs

Storing data in the Cloud safely is a concern for all organisations, no matter the size.

Differentiate business outcomes and Cloud productivity by adding data security and privacy experts to your team overnight.

With Ionburst actively protecting your data, you can focus on what really matters – your business. Simple pay-as-you-go and monthly pricing plans available to grow alongside your business.

Business Benefits
  • Reduce storage overheads by at least 50% whilst lowering TCO and carbon emissions.
  • No third-party mining or reselling of data.
  • Simplify data sovereignty and residency.
  • Future-proof innovation, scales with demand.
  • Exceed the latest data privacy regulation challenges.
Technical Benefits
  • Novel active data-centric security SaaS.
  • Comprehensive docs & SDKs.
  • Migrate to data-centric security in under 15 minutes.
  • Resistant to storage & service outages. 

Ionburst for Enterprise

Fully customisable and agnostic active data-centric security & storage.

Protect and store data in the Cloud based on your organisation’s requirements. White label options available. Build customer and employee trust.

Balance security, privacy, resilience and sovereignty at a level not currently available.

Ionburst Pulse is the Cloud Storage Revolution. One size does not fit all.

Business Benefits
  • Manage risk with granular control over data-centric security policies.
  • Future-proof Cloud, no provider lock-in. 
  • Bring your own storage and additional security options available. 
  • Reduce compliance friction and exceed the latest data privacy regulation challenges.
  • Simplify data-centric sovereignty & residency.
Technical Benefits
  • Revolutionise data security with a novel active data-centric security SaaS.
  • Protect against storage, provider & service outages.
  • Integrate, modernise and strengthen existing Security & Cloud infrastructure.

Flex your Cloud security

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