Data defence-in-depth platformTM

Data that cannot be understood by human or machine. No perimeter, no problem.


Hardened data security posture at the object level. Embed compliance, privacy, ransomware and quantum-resilience in-transit and at rest.


Ionburst's data defence-in-depthTM protects each asset against threats, leaks, surveillance, hardware failures and network compromise.


Ionburst's data defence-in-depthTM uniquely heals assets against downtime, failure, loss and unavailability, without duplication.

Shift to defence-in-depth from the data out.

Environments are temporary, data is the constant. Proactively protect data across its entire lifecycle.

Always on security

Turn your data security posture in to a continuous USP. Prioritise privacy and compliance for all data assets.

Reduce cost and risk

Keep security teams efficient and lean, while removing the liability of sensitive data.

Anytime, instant recovery

Prevent leaks, failures and outages across any provider or infrastructure on-demand.

Future proof control

Unique, customised security and policies. Protection that meets any requirement.

Data protection for CSPs, MSPs, OEMs and more.

Transform any infrastructure into a dynamic and resilient protection platform for all data assets.

Future proof existing infrastructure

Enhance the attack surface by moving both code and data to avoid disruption and attack, with one integration.

Optimise operational infrastructure

Improve team and technology efficiency, save man hours and remove the need for data duplication and backups.

Embed resilience and customer trust

Automatically protect against storage failure and exposure from compromise. Remove the risk of exfiltration.

Realise a lean and green infrastructure

Immediate ~50% reduction in carbon emissions, cost and storage overhead. Improve customer ROI and use less resource.

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