Cloud-Native Resilience

Active backup & recovery

Protect the integrity and availability of your backups with Ionburst


Store smarter, recover faster

Ionburst provides on-demand recoverability and resilience for each object it stores. With no duplication. Security doesn’t just mean confidentiality and integrity. As an integral part of your data strategy, your backups must be available on-demand. With Ionburst, your data will always be ready when you need it.

Granular Protection

Ionburst’s dynamic policies secure data and make it resilient. With protection at the object level, you have full control when recovering your data.

On-demand recoverability

No hot or cold data. No tapes. No costly retrieval. Your data is always available for recovery as soon as you need it.

Get more for less & cut costs

With lower storage overheads and no duplication, Ionburst drastically reduces the financial and carbon resources required to secure your data.


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