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Ionburst is the data company that stands for freedom and trust

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Our six core values

Our vision? To enable anyone to use the Cloud securely with peace of mind. We promise to always protect our customers’ data. The Cloud, how it should be.

Privacy is a fundamental right

We believe your data should always be private to you and your organisation. No data mining. No selling on. Only you can access and reconstruct your data.

Shared responsibility

You the customer are responsible for the security of your data in the Cloud. With Ionburst you no longer have to tackle data security alone.

Freedom of data

We believe in choice, flexibility and the right to protect your data in the way that you choose. Free from provider lock-in, geographic restrictions and the risk of compromise.

Ownership of data

You retain ownership of your data. Always. We believe our access to your data extends only as far as our ability to protect it - you remain in full control.

Constant innovation

Defenders need to be right every time. Attackers only need to be right once. Our commitment to innovation ensures your data is always a step ahead.

Environmentally aware

The amount of data stored in the Cloud is only increasing. We are committed to reducing the resources required to protect data everywhere we can – lowering the carbon cost and impact.

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Founded in 2018, Ionburst is the Ultra-Secure Cloud Storage company that stands for freedom and trust.

2 Offices

Ionburst North America

Michigan, US

Ionburst Europe

Edinburgh, UK
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