Cloud-Native Security

Data breach & leak prevention

Ionburst is the missing security layer for protecting your Cloud data. No more leaks.


Always on, secure anywhere, at anytime

With over 12 billion data record leaks last year and an average Cloud data breach costing $4m, it’s high time we fixed the problem… Ionburst introduces Security, Privacy, Sovereignty, Regulation – beating the challenges of the Cloud-enabled world. Protect data based on your requirements, not what’s available. The missing security layer for Cloud data.

The Security

Data stored by Ionburst is secured by dynamic policies. Choose the level of security that works for your organisation. Keep malicious actors guessing.

The Control

You control your data. Your data can only be re-constructed, retrieved or deleted by access you authorise. No leaks. No breaches. Complete peace of mind your Cloud data is secure.

The Privacy

Beat the regulatory challenges. Ionburst makes all data completely anonymous and contextless. Data is useless to Ionburst and any third parties - no data mining or selling-on.


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