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Why should I buy Ionburst?

If you are considering or already have data stored in the Cloud, you’ll appreciate the many security concerns that surround it. If you want to realise the benefits of storing your data in the Cloud securely, Ionburst is the solution to help.

Ionburst protects your data beyond the limitations of today’s data security. Quantum fragmentation adds significant security and resilience to all data, overcoming the vulnerabilities that remain even after encrypting data. It also makes recovery of any data right down to the lowest level possible even after one or more Cloud failures.

Ionburst does this whilst saving money on storage costs compared to traditional backup solutions.

Ionburst is priced on use. For just one US cent you can protect any data file or object[1], and one US cent to retrieve it. We charge customers the cost of storage to us.

We want to simplify Cloud pricing. We only charge for what makes Ionburst special.

That means Ionburst customers get the most advanced data privacy, protection and recovery available for competitive costs that protect your budget not just your data.

Ionburst is available as a Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS). We have purposely adopted this approach in response to requests so customers can integrate their existing applications with Ionburst seamlessly at minimum friction and cost.

By making Ionburst easy to adopt via its SDK/API, customers can migrate to the world’s most advanced data defence platform without having to throw away existing security infrastructure and processes. That way, we maximise the benefits and ROI of Ionburst and help customers manage the TCO of their technology stack.

We’ve made data privacy affordable for every organization’s CXO concerned with protecting sensitive, customer or business critical information; from the very smallest business to the very largest enterprise. 

[1] Cost for an object up to 50 MB


What is a DPPR product, and what additional security does it provide?

DPPR stands for Data Privacy, Protection and Recovery.

In addition to protecting the privacy of your data, Ionburst uniquely delivers:

  1. Resilience without duplicating data, directly minimising the financial and carbon costs as well as the attack footprint of your Cloud-stored data;
  2. Portability via automated, proactive data management to mitigate threats and keep all Ionburst data safe. Customers can uniquely customise specific “geo-fenced” compliance regions dynamically for additional peace of mind;
  3. Recoverability at an individual data object level. Customers can harness the power of Ionburst quantum fragmentation across the vast scale of the Cloud at no extra cost.

This means Ionburst customers can recover any data object on-demand:

  1. Even during one or more regional Cloud communications or access outages, and/or
  2. One or more Cloud or other Customer data store disruptions.

The Ionburst DDPR solution converges and streamlines multiple software and hardware solutions used today in most organisations to store data securely.

However, investment in existing technology doesn’t need to be written off. Ionburst can easily be integrated with today’s technologies, giving organisations data protection current solutions don’t provide.

Organisations gain an immediate multi-Cloud failover solution at the data object level and uniquely get real control over protection and ownership of data.

Ionburst therefore presents an opportunity for organisations to switch to a more comprehensive data security solution over time without generating unwanted friction and cost. Organisations benefit from increased peace of mind over data security and recovery, and can migrate under control to a more carbon and financially efficient Cloud business.

Can I specify storage locations for some of the fragments, to on-premise or in existing datacentre infrastructure?


Our dedicated Ionburst instance can be customised to your organisation’s requirements. You can add and specify your storage locations and regions for an extra level of assurance.

Do I need (additional) backups?

It all depends upon your risk appetite.

Ionburst customers benefit from on-demand data object recoverability as a standard feature of the Ionburst solution.

So even if one or more customer specified customer or Cloud Provider data storage locations (e.g. data centre) is offline for any reason, customers should still be able to recover Ionburst data objects on demand.

Can I store backups using Ionburst?

Where risk appetite dictates the need for dedicated backups, organisations can still benefit from Ionburst’s advanced data privacy and recovery.

By adopting Ionburst for this purpose organisations will benefit from backups and duplicate data being secure at rest and in transit while under Ionburst control for the purposes of GDPR.

We recommend contacting us so we can better understand your secure backup requirements to assess whether a dedicated Ionburst instance would be more suitable for your specific requirements.

What added benefits do I get with a dedicated instance?

Dedicated Ionburst instances provide customers with significant additional customisation and control options over how data is protected and recovered.

Customers can choose to store data across multiple Cloud Providers, in private data centres or other storage locations on a Dedicated Ionburst instance.

Organisations benefit from significant business and technical benefits specific to their competitive use of data. These range from customised dynamic data security and recovery policies, to dynamic control over storage locations and regional geofencing, and to customer-specific data access and role hierarchies.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements as every Dedicated Ionburst instance is completely bespoke and tailored to its customer and requirements.

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