Ionburst and AWS on-demand Webinar.

Stand out from the crowd. Secure your Cloud.

Webinar duration: 45 minutes

In this webinar, Ionburst and AWS address how to supercharge the security and recoverability of your Cloud storage at lower cost by migrating to Ionburst Flex AWS. 

Watch our webinar with AWS to learn how to:
  • Master secure migration from first byte uploaded to fully reconciled sign-off.
  • Use Ionburst active security to avoid being one of the 4 in 5 businesses suffering breaches due to misconfigurations.
  • Exceed GDPR data privacy regulations from day one.
  • Supercharge AWS Cloud data protection and recovery like never before.
Presented by:
  • Josh Boer – Amazon Web Services
  • Dr David Lanc – Inventor & Founder, Ionburst
  • Josh Fraser – Cybersecurity Engineer, Ionburst

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