Ionburst AWS security

Data privacy & defence solutions purpose-built for AWS

AWS data security & defence made simple

In an ever-changing threat landscape, compliance fatigue, public data exposures and cloud misconfigurations require a fresh approach. Ionburst combines data protection, resilience, portability and recoverability in one solution, delivering real security and privacy to your business-critical data.

Benefits of ultra-secure AWS storage with Ionburst

Ionburst AWS is the missing security layer for protecting your cloud data. Listed on the AWS Marketplace and verified by AWS, you can get started within a matter of minutes. The subscription and billing are managed through your AWS account. Only pay for what you use, there’s no minimum subscription or unexpected fees.


Security and defence for your cloud data. Overcomes the limitations of military-grade encryption.


Reduces storage overhead and costs; no file duplication and inbuilt resilience.


Simple pricing structure based on API transactions and data stored. Only pay for what you use.


Simplify with a single service that combines data protection, resilience, portability and recoverability.


Seamless adoption into your existing applications or processes.

Peace of mind

Data stored by Ionburst cannot be analysed, mined or sold-on to third parties.

Access control

Data stored in Ionburst can only be re-constructed or retrieved by you or your application.


Can withstand cloud failures and outages to both services and storage.

Data security purpose-built for developers

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