Upcoming Webinar – Duration: 30 minutes

Ionburst product demo

15th of October at 10:00 am BST

Struggling with securing your data and optimising your environment for the cloud? Ionburst provides a cloud-native and API-first platform that combines data privacy, protection and recoverability in one scalable and future-proof solution. All with breakthrough speed, simplicity and savings.

Join this live product demo to learn how to:
  • Make the shared responsibility model work for your Cloud data security.
  • Become compliant with the data privacy regulations in the Cloud.
  • See Ionburst’s proactive data privacy in action.
  • Recover down to the object level in under a minute.
  • Proactively secure all your entire Cloud environment with a few clicks.
This webinar is relevant for:
  • Developers and technologists concerned with storing data securely on the Cloud.
Presented by:
  • Dr David Lanc – Inventor & Founder
  • Josh Fraser – Cybersecurity Engineer

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