Cloud-Native Security

Cloud misconfiguration prevention

Say goodbye to leaky buckets, flawed access policies and public data exposures


Public Cloud, private data

Cloud-scale storage has led to Cloud-scale breaches. Never worry about a public bucket or access policy again. Public Cloud shouldn’t mean Public Data. Ionburst is the first solution to deliver Cloud-scale storage, with world-leading security, privacy and resilience. The missing security layer for Cloud data.

Private by design

All data stored by Ionburst is private by default. Ionburst never exposes data publicly without authorisation.

Cloud-native security

Ionburst leverages the scale and reach of existing Cloud providers and technologies. Our security scales with your demand.

Confidence and assurance

Make misconfiguration a distant memory. Gain confidence in the Cloud and assurance that your data is protected at all times, with Ionburst.


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