Cloud-native protection. Ionburst Flex AWS.

AWS ultra-secure Cloud storage

Ionburst Flex is the missing security layer for protecting AWS cloud data


Recover down to the object level. Instantly.

In an ever-changing threat landscape, compliance fatigue, public data exposures and cloud misconfigurations require a fresh approach. Ionburst Flex AWS combines data protection, resilience, portability & recoverability in one solution, delivering real security and privacy to your business-critical data on AWS.

Game changing security

A paradigm shift in Cloud data security, the world's first proactive security and defence platform. All AWS Cloud data, made safe and compliant.

Efficient & affordable

Considerable reductions in storage overheads and costs; no traditional backup or duplication required. On-demand pricing. Only pay for what you use.

Streamline security

Simplify your AWS Cloud environment with the only data security platform that combines; data privacy, protection and resilience in one.

No leaks. No breaches.

Complete peace of mind your AWS Cloud data is secure at all times. Introducing proactive data security and storage on a granular level. Keep malicious and bad actors guessing.

Privacy made practical

Data can only be reconstructed and retrieved by an authorised request. Eliminate worry surrounding third-party mining or misuse. AWS data made completely private from everyone but its owner.

Say goodbye to misconfiguration

Public Cloud shouldn’t mean Public Data. Ionburst Flex AWS is the first solution to deliver Cloud-scale storage, with world-leading privacy. Make bucket and policy misconfiguration a memory of the past.

62% of security threats to public Clouds are attributed to AWS Cloud platform misconfigurations by customers.

2019 Cybersecurity InsiderAWS Cloud Security Report
Proactive data security & defence purpose-built for AWS

The shared responsibility model with Ionburst

The Ionburst Layer

Ionburst Flex AWS ensures the security, resilience and availability of your AWS data, and the service and storage supporting it.

The Customer Layer

You control how your services and applications integrate with Ionburst Flex AWS, and how access is provided. You always own your data.

The AWS Layer

Amazon Web Services ensure the availability and security of the underlying infrastructure, scale and global reach.

Fast, reliable, future-proof data protection

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Concerned about storing data securely in the Cloud? Eliminate the fear of storing data securely on AWS with Ionburst Flex AWS. The world’s first Cloud storage platform to introduce proactive security and defence, exclusively on AWS.

On-demand pricing. Cancel anytime.

  • Fix the data security gap in the shared responsibility model.
  • Secure your AWS Cloud data like never before.
  • In-built misconfiguration prevention.
  • Exceed the latest data privacy regulation.
  • No data leaks. No data breaches.
  • Pay as you go, only pay for what you use. Cancel anytime.
  • Complete data sovereignty & residency.
  • Scale your security with demand.

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