What is Ionburst?

Ultra-Secure Object Store for Data Security & Defence

Is your data security Cloud-First?

If you are considering, are in the process of migrating, or already have data stored in the Cloud, you’ll appreciate the many security concerns that accompany it. A prevalent concern around Cloud storage surrounds openly readable public stores & human error on configuration. Ionburst has been engineered to address these concerns and make them a worry of the past.

The data security landscape just changed

Leading cloud providers; AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform specialise in highly-available data stores. Ionburst is the missing data security layer that makes all objects stored on the Cloud ultra-secure. Building upon and harnessing the existing resilience and availability of these providers. If you want to realise the benefits of storing your data in the Cloud securely, Ionburst is the solution.

Your data, unique security

Unique control over how data is protected - overcoming the limitations of encryption-based security.

Integrate quickly

Available via API/SDK, Ionburst can be easily integrated into your applications, infrastructure or business processes.

Your data, your control

Data stored in Ionburst can only be re-constructed or retrieved by you or your application.

Your data, your choice

Data protected & stored on an object-by-object basis, informed by dynamic policies you or your organisation chooses.

Secure by design

Ionburst's architecture, infrastructure and services ensure the security of all data processed or in transit within the system.

Built for the Cloud

Uses advances in cloud-computing, containerisation & object storage, to meet Cloud scale & demand.

What makes Ionburst unique?

Protect your data in plain sight

Before Ionburst

Data may be encrypted or un-encrypted, but remains at risk of theft, exposure or loss in the event of a cyberattack, breach or cloud outage. In the event of a data breach containing personally identifiable information, your organisation is required to disclose the breach and the people affected – regardless of whether the data was encrypted or not.

With Ionburst

Data is dissolved and dispersed into contextless, pseudonymised and anonymised fragments with in-built redundancy. These are spread across different cloud storage providers, locations and technologies. If a breach occurred and some fragments were compromised, hackers wouldn’t know what the data was, who it belongs to or any information surrounding it. Your reputation and customer trust is just an API call away.

Quantum fragmentation

Renders data “worthless” to hackers and third-parties by fragmenting the data on an object-level into “quantum” (small) dispersed particles that are made completely: pseudonymised, anonymised and contextless.

Moving defence distribution

Protects against cloud store failure and fragment compromise exposure, by proactively and systemically redistributing fragments to new cloud stores where compromise or disruption is suspected or detected.

Customer control

As the first DPPR solution, Ionburst has been engineered to provide dedicated instance customers complete control over how data is protected and recovered, anytime, anywhere, on an object-by-object level.


Ionburst disrupts the data security landscape by delivering: Data Privacy, Protection and Recovery (DPPR) in a single solution, at lower carbon and financial cost with increased data privacy and security.

Unique security for your unique data