What is Ionburst

Self-defending and self-repairing data protection™

The missing security layer for protecting Cloud data

The problem

Static defence fails

Security responsibilities overlooked

All users of the Cloud; both organisations and consumers, are responsible for implementing data security from your first byte upload in the Cloud, regardless of experience, knowledge or cost.

Stagnant data security

Today’s Cloud data defence and security is stationary and easy to target. Attackers have the asymmetric advantage of time as they hide in systems and study defensive infrastructure and intricately plan their attacks.

Cloud data saturation

The Cloud is saturated with duplicates of the same data. Traditional and outdated backup techniques have led to a sea of Cloud data, increasing the attack surface immeasurably. Meaning it's not a matter of if, but when.


Protect data in plain sight

​Attackers have the asymmetric advantage of time. In a matter of minutes, sensitive data in your unsecured cloud, IoT devices or edge computing could be compromised. Rely on Ionburst’s data-centric patent applied technology to dynamically shift the attack surface, and keep your data secure by fragmenting, continuously moving and protecting data without requiring extensive resources.

Today’s security approach

Ionburst’s Paradigm Shift

  • Data is made: contextless, pseudonymised and anonymised with in-built redundancy.
  • Exceed the latest data privacy regulation challenges.
  • Simplified data residency and sovereignty.
  • All context and relationships are removed from data. It is no longer identifiable or attributable to you or your organisation.

Driven by risk appetite

  • Engineered to provide complete control over how data is protected and recovered, anytime, anywhere, on an object-by-object basis.

Cloud data continuously secured

  • Renders data “worthless” to hackers and third-parties, data is completely pseudonymised, anonymised and contextless.

Intelligent active infrastructure

  • Protects against Cloud store failure and exposure from compromise. Proactively moves both code and data to avoid disruption and attack.

Flex your Cloud security

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