Why Ionburst

Ultra-secure distributed Cloud storage

One platform for data-centric privacy, protection & instant recovery

The problem

Today’s Cloud is misunderstood

An increase in insecure migration

Through 2025, 90% of the organizations that fail to control public cloud use will inappropriately share sensitive data, Gartner.

Cloud security has a high bar for entry

Through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault, Gartner.

Breaches & leaks are at an all time high

60% of firms reported having already been hit by a cyberattack and an additional 26% are expecting one in the future, AWS Insider.

Shared responsibility model

The Cloud how it is. Made how it should be.

Overlooked & misunderstood

The shared responsibility model highlights there is a fundamental gap for data security in the Cloud. A vast amount of organisations are unaware of their responsibility to protect their data from their first upload to the last.

  • You’re responsible for securing your data.
  • You’re required to implement data security.
  • You’re responsible for data residency.
  • You’re required to be compliant with data privacy regulation.
  • Prone to human error and misconfiguration.
  • Data breaches & leaks are increasing.
  • Increased attack vector for data compromise.
  • Resilience against provider & storage failure based on outdated duplication.

Secure by default, from day one

Ionburst removes the friction and data security concerns of the Cloud. It ensures the security, resilience and availability of your data, and the service and storage supporting it.

You always own your data.

  • Proactive data-centric security both, in-transit and at rest.
  • Expected responsibilities are in-built.
  • Cloud data secured from the first upload.
  • No data leaks. No data breaches.
  • Immediate data-centric privacy regulation and compliance.
  • Gain peace of mind & establish customer trust.
  • No more human error or misconfiguration.
  • The missing layer to secure all Cloud data.
  • All data is private by default.
  • Resilient against provider & storage failure, without duplication.

Secure & store your data, your way

Fully Agnostic

Ionburst protects data across Cloud, technology and storage providers. Add your own? No problem!

Add another storage type

Add as many storage types as you want, ensure resilience against storage failure or compromise.

Add another Cloud provider

Add as many Cloud providers as you want, ensure resilience against multi-provider failover.

Intelligent portability

Ionburst empowers flexible data portability between any storage, technology and Cloud provider. No cloud provider lock-in. Introducing complete freedom of Cloud data.

We handle the Privacy

  • All data is completely anonymous to Ionburst & all third-party providers.
  • All customer context is removed. Data is no longer identifiable or attributable to its owner.

We handle the Resilience

  • Instant redundancy on a data object basis, without duplication.
  • Resistant to data loss, storage, region, provider outages and Cloud failures.

We handle the Security

  • All sensitive and business critical data is protected with proactive data security and defence.
  • Make your Cloud data secure from day one.

You own & control your data

  • Data is secured by dynamic policies that you choose.
  • Data cannot be analysed, mined or sold to third parties.
  • Only ever accessible to its owner.

Ultra-secure distributed Cloud. Radical results.

Reduce risk

No more non-compliance or sensitive data exposure. Avoid revenue and brand reputational loss from compromise or ransomware.

Streamline Costs

One software solution that provides data privacy, protection and recovery, all extensible to cloud. Immediate time and cost saving benefits.

Mobilise cloud productivity

With instant proactive security and defence for Cloud data. Instantiate an Ultra-Secure and compliant environment in the cloud, in as little as 15 minutes.

Secure your most sensitive data

The missing layer to secure all Cloud data. All data is private by default, from the very first transaction. Choose to make the Cloud an extension of your security & culture, with complete control.

At least 33.3% Greener

Internet infrastructure is responsible for 10% of the total worldwide energy demand. Due to Ionburst’s in-built resilience, there is no duplication of data. We significantly reduce the Cloud’s carbon emissions.

No more data leaks or breaches

Ionburst enhances the shared responsibility model for data security in-transit and at rest. All the expected responsibilities are built into our platform. Cloud data secured from the first byte uploaded.

Activate your Cloud security

See Ionburst in action.